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Wrist Arthrotomy


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Arthrotomy is also known as Synosteotomy, and the literal meaning of this word is "cutting into a joint" or "incision". It is an exploratory surgery and is done in combination with some other surgery of the wrist like wrist correction surgery for wrist joint correction. Largely an Arthrotomy is done to gain access to the joint of the wrist so that a joint repair or replacement surgery can be performed. This surgery helps aids the surgeon in viewing the interiors of the joint, and for this a sizeable incision is made, and the incision needs time for healing post the surgery.

But with the advent of new technologies the size of the incisions is now pretty smaller. But now arthroscopic technique is also available, in this method tiny camera and surgical instruments are inserted through small incisions and the camera guides to reach the problematic area and do the required manipulations. In this arthroscopic technique the joint need not be cut open. But still if there are surgeries which require cutting into the joints like emergency surgeries during amputation or wrist injury due to trauma, than a Wrist Arthrotomy is unwarranted.


As mentioned earlier it is a secondary surgery which is majorly done with emergency or other surgeries, thus the kind of anesthesia to be used will depend on the main surgery. Mostly in emergency surgeries and trauma cases where is wrist joints are badly harmed this surgery is done to cut open the joint so that the surgeon can analyze the whole problem and treat accordingly.

As per the requirement, the size and place of the incision is decided before the surgery. After the anesthesia is administered incisions are made and joint is cut open with the help of specialized and efficient tool which do not cause much damage to the tissues and nerves in the vicinity.

Once the main surgery for joint correction or some other treatment has been performed the incisions are sutured with dissolvable threads and proper bandaging is done. The recuperation also depends on the elementary surgery performed although the incisions made for an arthrotomy heals in about 7-10 days.

Risk and Complications

The complications associated with this surgery are :

  • Infection

  • Blood clotting

  • Damage to nerve

  • Numbness

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