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Wrist Arthroscopy


Advanced Wrist Arthroscopy procedure at India's Top Bone and Joint Centers in India

The wrist of a human being is a complex structure in itself. It comprised of eight carpel bones, a triangular fibro-cartilage complex section (TFCC) and multiple articular surfaces having intrinsic and extrinsic ligaments. And all these structures are in the short span of approximately five centimeter.

Wrist arthroscopy is a method which helps in surgical visualization of the interiors of the wrist and this technology has brought a kind of revolution in the orthopedic surgeries. With the help of this methodology a surgeon can easily view magnified anatomic parts and movements of the wrist under bright light and that too without making large incisions in the skin.

The major benefits of this surgery are that there is speedy recovery because of the small size of incisions and it is less painful as compared to the traditional open surgeries. A wrist arthroscopy is used with many surgeries like Arthroplasty, micro-fracture, drilling, abrasion,synoyectomy, osteochondral grafting etc.


Local anesthesia is administered for this surgery. Than depending on the site of surgery and the area to be viewed the portals are placed in that specific location. These portals are known as standard radiocarpel portals, they help in giving direct access to the wrist.

In order to place these portals on the said locations the surgeon will make small incisions around the joint. These incisions are less than half an inch. Through one incision an arthroscope is inserted which consists of a lens, camera and lightening system. With the help of this arthroscope the surgeon is able to see the three dimensional image of the joint in the TV monitor. And than through other incisions other tubes consisting of probes, forceps, shavers and knives are inserted to correct the problem.

After the required alterations have been done the incision are closed with the help of stitches and than bandage is applied. And if required a splint is put around the hand. As also if required the hand may have to be kept in an elevated position for a couple of days. Post the surgery physiotherapy is mandatory for proper and quick healing and for maintaining motion and rebuilding strength.

Risk and Complications

Though there are minimal complications attached with this surgery yet they cannot be completely waived off, few of them are listed as follows :

  • Infection

  • Excessive swelling

  • Bleeding or

  • Nerve injury

  • Scarring

  • Tearing of tendon

How to get started?

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