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Wrist Arthroplasty


Affordable Wrist Arthroplasty procedure at World-class Bone Joint Replacement Centers in India

In cases of painful arthritis that does not respond to other treatments, joint replacement surgery is a good option. Wrist replacement surgery is performed to help retain or recover wrist movements. It also significantly does bring about an improvement in the ability to perform daily living activities.

Wrist Arthroplasty is commonly known as a wrist replacement surgery. It is done to help maintain or recover the wrist movements of the patients suffering from severe arthritis when their arthritis is not treated by any other treatments. It helps in relieving from the pain in the wrists as also it helps in improving the ability of the patient to perform daily life activities.

A wrist arthroplasty is similar to any other joint replacement surgery in which the affected damaged and worn out parts of the bones are removed and are replaced with artificial joints.


The prosthesis used for this surgery are of several different designs and are selected on case to case basis. The artificial joints are made up to two componenets one for either side of the joint. It is made up of metal and spacer made up of polyethylene (i.e. a high quality plastic) is present between two metal components.

This surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and is also carried out in a combination of procedures to correct disorders or deformities of the tendon, nerves and small joints of the fingers.

Other than trauma cases local anesthesia is applied and a general anesthesia may be required when it is a trauma case and a series of surgeries are to be performed. First step of this surgery is making of an incision on the back of the wrist, and then the affected parts of the bones are removed. The second step is fitting of the prosthesis, for which first the radial component of the same is inserted in the centre of the radius bone and is fixed with bone cement. At times the prosthesis may have to be fixed with the help of screws which may be fitted in the row if carpel bones. Immediate pain relief is felt after the surgery.

The patient is made to wear a case for a couple of weeks which is than replaced by a splint, these are used to support the artificial joint. Post the surgery proper disciplined physiotherapy is very important to regain the strength and for restoring the movement of the joint.

On proper usage the prosthesis can last up to 10-15 years. But proper care should be taken to prevent it from the activities which may result in a fall and thereby a fracture.

Risk and Complications

Risks associated with this surgery are :

  • Dislocation or breakage of the implant

  • Infection in the incision site and

  • Improper implantation

  • Damage to the nearby nerved and blood vessels

How to get started?

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