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Medical Treatment for Women in India

A woman's body is certainly different from a man's body. A woman's creation is also unique in many ways. Even when it comes to medical or health issues, women are definitely different. They differ in terms of their very specific healthcare needs, healthcare challenges and the way they access healthcare. Women's physiology and psychology are distinctly different and hence their healthcare needs are also different. At Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd. we understand this fact and hence we have created a network of some of the finest women care hospitals and specialists in India.

Our network women care hospitals in India offer all gynaecology and obstetric services, routine screening and preventive healthcare, diagnostic services, and can perform simple to complicated surgeries.The hospitals cover every aspect of women's diseases, including cancer surgery and treatment. We also provide comprehensive services for our expecting mothers from pregnancy testing to prenatal and postnatal care. And we're equipped to deliver babies for normal as well as high risk pregnancies in our comfortable and reassuring surroundings.


Our network women care hospitals in India are backed by the state-of-the-art technology, vibrant infrastructure with latest safety and hygiene standards. The hospitals have got highly skilled and experienced doctors and surgeons who are assisted by the caring and well trained nursing and other paramedical staff.

Our network women care hospitals in India not just focus on medical treatment for women but also on preventive care so that they work on complete well-being of woman rather than just treating them as patients. The following are the focus areas.


Preventive Healthcare for Women

Our network hospitals have preventive healthcare programme for women for prevention and early detection of disorders. The hospitals have designed various health check up packages for women . These packages are designed to to detect early evidence of gynaecological diseases, to provide contraceptive advice, preconception counseling and genital cancer screening.

Medical Treatment for WomenThumb

Our Network hospitals provide specialized medical and surgical management of gynecological problems like menstrual abnormalities, proplapse fibroids, other tumors of the uterus and ovaries includes tubal recanalisation by laparoscopic surgery. Treatment of the infertile couple is also offered. High-risk surgical patients (such as those with high BP, heart disease are specially monitored in the OT and ICU, if required. Gynaecological endocrinological service including adolescent menopausal and other reproductive age problems are also provided.


Cancer Treatment for Women

Our network hospitals also provide comprehensive treatment of genital cancers like the uterine cancer, cervical cancer, vaginal cancer , cancer of the vulva and ovarian cancer. Latest diagnostic , treatment and radiation technology are available at these hospitals and the treatment plan is discussed in a multidisciplinary team of gynaecologists, gynaecological oncosurgeons, in combination with medical oncologist and radiotherapists as appropriately and then treatment plan is finalized by the tumor board multi specialists.

Laparoscopic surgeries of certain gynaecological tumors are also performed routinely. For more information on cancer please see our 'Cancer Treatment' section.

Laparoscopic Surgeries for WomenThumb

Our network hospitals have well trained laparoscopic surgeons and gynecologists who have an experience of working with some of the leading hospitals and institutions in India and abroad. They have the expertise can perform gynecological procedures to your needs using this modern modality of surgery. Some of the routinely performed procedures are ectopic pregnancies, removal of ovarian cysts, hysterectomies, myomectomy for fibroids, aparoscopic tuboplasties and reversal of sterilization, laparoscopy treatment for infertility, ovarian drilling, laproscopic correction of uterine malformations, laparoscopic correction of certain types of prolapse.

The laparoscopic method of advance surgery results in quicker healing, minimal pain, faster recovery and early return to daily activities.

Natural Access Scarless Surgery

This implies vaginal surgery operations like hysterectomy, removal of ovarian cysts, prolapsed, myomectomy, polypectomy. Post operative recovery is faster with this approach and results in less pain since it is a totally scarless method.

Uro - Gynaecology

Our network hospitals have expert doctors for treating urinary problems of urgency, urge incontinence and stress urinary incontinence. These problems are assessed and managed medically and surgically as appropriate. For more information on urology treatment in India, please visit our section 'Urology Treatment'.

Infertility Treatment for WomenThumb

Our network Infertility Treatment Centers in India provide the very latest scientific developments in infertility treatment, in a friendly and informal environment. The state-of-the-art IVF labs are backed up by highly experienced doctors, who have been involved in the field of infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) for many years in India and abroad with extensive firsthand experience and very respectable success rates. A full range of diagnostic procedures are available for the infertile couple. Treatment options range from the most simple to the most hi-tech according to the couple's individual needs. For more information on infertility treatment in India please visit section on 'Infertility Treatment'.

Cosmetic Surgery for Women

Cosmetic surgery aims to change a woman's appearance by altering parts of her body that function normally but the appearance makes her unhappy. If a woman is dissatisfied with appearance then she may be interested in cosmetic surgery not only to look better, but also to feel better. In our network cosmetic surgery centers in India we have US Board certified cosmetic and plastic surgeons who have vast experience in cosmetic surgery. Our cosmetic surgery centers in India excel in all cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery treatments and a large number of people from all over the world are visiting these cosmetic surgery centers in India for cosmetic surgery, plastic Surgery, tattoo removal surgery, arms surgery, breast surgery, abdomen surgery, legs Surgery, head and face surgery and host of other treatments. For more information on cosmetic surgery in India, visit our 'Cosmetic Surgery' section.

Some of the routinely done procedures at our Network Women Care Hospitals in India

  • Pelvic exenteration (anterior/posterior)

  • Vaginectomy

  • Vaginal Reconstruction

  • Vesico-Vaginal/Rectovaginal fistula

  • Stapes sling operation (for prolapse uterus)

  • Abdominal Hysterectomy

  • Transcervical resection of endometrium

  • Thermal ablation

  • Metroplasty

  • Cystovaginal Fistula repair

  • Hysterectomy with tube ligation

  • Laparoscopic adhesiolysis

  • Anterior &amo; Posterior Colporraphy

  • Laparoscopic Tubal ligation

  • Cystocele and rectocele repair

  • Ectopic pregnancy non ruptured

  • Excision of Vaginal septum

  • Tuboplasty

  • Bartholins cyst/ abscess surgery

  • Colposcopy

  • Excision and debulking of large ovarian tumor with omentectomy

  • Wertheims Operation

  • Caesarian Hysterectomy

  • Radical Vulvectomy

  • Fothergills operation

  • Vaginal Hysterectomy

  • Vulvectomy Simple

  • Laparoscopic ovarian cyst excision

  • Myomectomy

  • Tubal reconstructive surgery

  • Laparoscopic coagulation of endometrisis

  • Laparoscopic ovarian punches

  • Ovarian wedge resection

  • Laparoscopy with Chromopertubation

  • Cystocele and rectocele repair

  • Ovarian cystectomy

  • Removal of vaginal wall cyst

  • Salpingooophorectomy

  • Laparascopic cyst aspiration

  • Hysteroscopy

  • Polypectomy Simple

How to get started?

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  • Brief medical history and current condition of the patient

  • Age, name and sex of the patient

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