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Uncemented Total Hip Replacement


High quality and Affordable Cementless Total Hip Replacement Surgery at World-class Orthopedic Hospitals in India

The main prerequisite for a total hip replacement is that the hip prosthesis should fit well in the skeleton for good functioning. Any sort of loose fitting will lead to lot of pain and stiffness.

One such procedure which completely secures the fixations to the skeletons is Cement-less total hip replacement surgery. In this the total hip is impacted directly into the bed prepared by the skeleton. The basic processes are similar in a cemented and cement-less total hip replacement the difference is in the construction, form and rehabilitation post the surgery.

Also cement-less surgery have an upper hand over the cemented method because there is no need to wait till mixing and hardening of the cement dough. As also there are risks of cracking and disintegrating of the cement layer in a few years from operation.


This is a major surgery that takes about 3-5 hours to complete, and it is done under general anesthesia. In this surgery the prosthesis are pushed or press fitted directly in the space made by the surgeon in the skeleton system. And the elastic force generated by the bones keeps this prosthesis intact in their place.

In this first step of the procedure the cement less cups of the artificial hip that is made up of ceramic or polyethylene, is enshrouded in a metallic encasing. These cups are quite thick as their wall has an inner lining of polyethylene or ceramic, as also they are encased into metals. Then this cup is pushed in to the reamed place in the acetabulum. Special care is taken that the bone tissues do not come in contact with the polyethylene or ceramic material as it may cause loosening of the bones. The metallic shaft or the outer portion of the cup is porous coated and has openings for screws. These screws help in better fixation of these metal cups. The porous coatings on the metallic shaft works on the fit and fill principle which provides immediate stability of the stem inside the marrow hole. Also as the time passes by the ingrowths of the bone tissues grows in the porous coating and binds the hips shaft to the skeleton. This is termed as biological fixation.

Risks and Complications

The risks associated with this surgery are as follows :

  • During the forceful hammering of the prosthesis a few chunks of the bone marrow material may be pushed into the blood circulation.

  • The skeleton may also get fractured during the surgery if the prosthesis is blown into the undersized bony bed too vigorously.

  • There may be excess wearing of the surfaces if the metallic balls get loosened.

  • At times some pain may occur after the surgery.

How to get started?

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