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Total Hip Replacement


Affordable Total Hip Joint Replacement Surgery at Top Hospitals for Joint Replacement Surgery in India

Total Hip Replacement (THR) is an effective and successful treatment for people suffering from arthritis of the hips. It has been statistically proven that it provides significant and long lasting relief to such patients.

THR is a surgical process in which the problematic or diseased portion of the hip is replace with prosthetic implants. This surgery is advised to people suffering from osteoarthritis as well as those suffering from Parkinsons disease which leads to severe muscle weakness. THR relieves patients from the excruciating pain which they suffer while discharging daily life activities.

In order the check the extent of problem X-rays and other diagnostic tests are conducted, which also helps in assessing the fitness levels of the individual to undergo this major surgery. This surgery helps in improving the quality of life to a great extent, and it can be conducted on the patient of any age group.


This is a major surgery is requires a hospital stay of about 6-10 days, depending upon the recovery of the patient. This surgery lasts for about 3-4 hours.

Before understanding the nuances of the procedure let us first have a fair knowledge about the anatomy of the hip joint. The hip joint is the intersecting point of the thigh bone i.e. femur and the pelvic or the hip bone. The femur bone has a ball at the end known as femoral head which fits into the sockets present in the pelvis known as acetabulum. The ball allows smooth movement of the legs.

In the first step of the surgery the surgeon will make 6-8 inches incision through the hip muscles from the sides so as the reach he damaged bone tissue. Thereafter the diseased bone tissue and the cartilage is removed from the hip joint. In then next step the femoral head and the acetabulum are replaced with prosthetic implants which are so adjusted that they give natural gliding motion to the joint. The implants used in the surgery may be cemented or un-cemented. The cemented implant fixes firmly to the healthy bone tissue with the help of a special glue or cement, hence the name. The un-cemented implant consists of a porous surface which allows the bone to grow in the pores and thus hold the implant at its place. Depending upon the condition of the patient a combination of both the types of implants is used, this is termed as hybrid replacement.

Physiotherapy is mandatory after the total hip joint replacement surgery to regain proper mobility. Lot of precaution should be taken after the surgery as any fall or accident may displace the implants, even the use of stairs should be done with lot of caution. The amount of exercises will be increased by the physiotherapist from time to time. All activities like driving etc can be resumed after about 6 weeks.

Risks and Complications

Even though there are very low percentages of complication rate documented for total hip replacement surgery but still the possibility of the any of the following complications cannot be waived off :

  • Blood clotting in legs

  • Infection and

  • Displacement or breakage of implant

How to get started?

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  • Brief medical history of the patient

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