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High Quality and Affordable Synovectomy procedure at World-class Orthopedic Hospitals in India

The state in which the synovial lining of a tendon sheath or joint becomes inflamed is called synovitis or tenosynovitis. The surgical intervention used to remove this inflamed membrane (synovium) which forms the lining of the joint, is called Synovectomy. This is a very simple and safe surgery as it is minimally invasive. The cause of this condition may be an injury or infection which leads to inflammation. This disease may affect the whole body or only the tendon sheath or only the joint whichever is the case. The symptoms of synovitis are pain and/or swelling. Sometimes the symptoms subside in some time but otherwise the condition persists and the symptoms worsen warranting medical intervention.

This disease can be diagnosed through physical examination and also through synovial fluid test if required.


The first line of treatment for Synovitis is through medication. But if medicines fail to provide any relief and the condition aggravates than surgical intervention i.e. Synovectomy is required. This procedure is advised to those patients who are suffering from the following :

  • Haemophilic arthritis

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Joint infection

  • Toxin exposure and/or

  • Joint trauma

But patient who have severe joint destruction and their joint motion is limited are not at all the ideal candidate for this surgery.

Synovectomy involves removal of the thin membrane that forms the lining of the joint capsule. And the kind of anesthesia to be used depends upon the location of the joint where this surgery is to be carried out, it may be a general or local anesthesia. The procedure can be done in two ways :

Arthroscopically : In this small incisions are made through which small tubes are inserted, one carries a thin fiberoptic camera which helps in viewing and monitoring the whole procedure and the lining is removed through the surgical instruments inserted through other incisions.

Arthrotomy : This is also known as an Open procedure, in which a small cut is made over the affected region to expose the joint capsule. And than the affected lining is removed by scrapping and cutting.

The incisions are than covered with soft pressure dressing in order to control swelling. During the recuperation limited motion of the joint is encouraged so as to prevent formation of scar tissues.

The benefits of this surgery are :

  • It is minimally invasive so causes less distress.

  • Healing is quite speedy.

  • Requires very short hospital stay.

  • And there is very less joint stiffness post the surgery.

The recuperation period is about a week, and hot and cold fermentation is advised for controlling the pain and physiotherapy is advised for faster recovery.

Risk and Complications

Like other surgical procedures, Synovectomy also carries the following common risks :

  • Infection

  • Bleeding in joints (known as Hemathrosis)

  • Damage to the surface of the bone, or nerves and vessels.

How to get started?

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