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How can we help you to get Right Hospital, Right Doctor and Right Cost for your Medical Treatment in India?

ThumbIndia is known world over for its hospitals, doctors, nurses, medical technology and patient care. Moreover people can avail healthcare services in India at a much lower cost when compared to any other medical travel destinations in the world.There are many hospitals in India. Each hospital has its own strengths and weaknesses. If some hospitals are good in heart surgery, some are good in cosmetic surgery. In simple every hospital is not good in everything. Hence we have entered into tie-arrangements with various hospitals and doctors in India. This gives us wide options to choose the hospital and doctor which has the required expertise to treat a particular case. This benefit we pass it on to our patients by helping them, guiding them and giving them many options to choose from. This power of choice not only helps patients to get medical treatment at right hospital and under right doctor but also to get right cost.

Choosing the right hospital and doctor is the first and most important step in health travel. Most of our efforts go in this since we believe that if we get this right for our patient then 60-70% of our work is done.

You can choose Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd. as one point of contact to find Best Hospitals in India, Top Doctors in India, High Quality Medical Treatment in India and Low Cost Surgery Packages in India.

So, let us see how the process works?

10 simple steps to avail High Quality and Low Cost Medical Treatment in India



1. Initial Enquiry

Be it any medical treatment, you can get in touch with us anytime. To make it easy for you, we have given multiple options on our website to reach us easily and quickly. You can use any of the following options to get in touch with us. We will reach you within 24-48 hours of your initial contact with us.

  • Just submit the form in our 'Get Started' page. Click the link below to go to that page

  • Chat live with one of our Patient Service Associates

  • You can write to us at info@mentorsethicare.com

  • You can fill in the 'Get A Free Quote' form which is available on all the pages of this website

  • Call us any time on 24x7 Patient Helpline Number 0091 9611 231 188

2. Follow Up Thumb

Within 24-48 hours of receiving your initial enquiry, one of our patient service associates will contact you with full details regarding your requested treatment, including detailed information on pre-operative tests required, suitable dates for treatment, and other important information.The patient service associate will write to you or call you to understand the condition of the patient and your requirements. Based on the understanding of the case, we will ask you to send the required medical reports and/or scan images like x-rays, MRI, CT etc. in order to go to the next step of finding the right doctor and hospital for you.


3. Opinion and Cost

Once we get the brief medical history, scans or medical reports, we will start the process of identifying the right hospital and the right doctor for you. Once the doctors and the hospitals are identified, we will show the medical reports and scans of the patient to them in order to get their expert medical opinion, treatment plan and cost of treatment. After getting the medical opinion and cost of treatment from our network doctors and hospitals, we will send it to you along with the doctor and hospital profiles and other relevant details. We can also organize direct telephone call or video call with the doctors so that you can talk to them directly and get answers to all your medical queries. This will also help you to know the doctor and make a decision.

4. Appointment Booking Thumb

We can give you many options of doctors, hospitals and cost since we have a wide network. Hence you need not settle down till we can find the right choice for you. Once you have made your decision hospital, doctor and cost then we will finalize your booking and commence making all the necessary arrangements for your medical treatment in India. A suitable travel date will be assigned, an itinerary is prepared and the pricing quotation finalized. All the necessary appointment bookings would be done in advance for you.


5. Arrival in India

The next step is to make the travel arrangements. The first thing is to get a passport and then a Medical Visa to travel to India for medical treatment. We will guide you on this. Once you have got you Indian Medical Visa, you can book the flight tickets to India. We will guide you when to book it, where to book it and how to book it. Once you get the flight tickets, you need to send a copy of the same to us so that based on the information given on the flight tickets we can start booking appointments, hospital room, schedule treatment , arrange for airport pick-up and book hotel stay for post treatment follow- up and recovery.

Upon arrival at the designated airport in India you will be met by a representative from the hospital or Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd. in the arrivals area. An air-conditioned car or similar transportation will then take you to either your chosen hotel or hospital as per the plan. Airport pick-up is arranged free of cost.

6. Hospital Admission Thumb

Upon your arrival in India, you may be taken directly to the hospital, where a private room would be already booked for you. One attendant can stay with you in such a room. All the admission formalities would be done at the comfort of your room. You need not stand in queue at the counters or go in search of anything. Nurses and Patient Care executives would be available to help you anytime.You will be shown the various facilities available in the hospital have your pre-op tests and meet with your Consultant surgeon or doctor.

He / She will then explain all about the procedure you are having done and you have the opportunity to discuss and ask any questions related to the operation directly with your surgeon.Before the commencement of tests and treatment you need to make the complete payment to the hospital as per the quote given to you. There are various payment options available. For making payment at the hospital you can use wire transfer, credit card, debit card, traveler's chequeor cash in major international currencies.


7. Hospital Stay

The doctors and nurses will come to see you in the room and pre-treatment testing and evaluation will start either on the same day or next day.Based on the results of the evaluation surgery or treatment will start as per the schedule.Meanwhile our patient service associateswill come to see you in the hospital just to make sure that you are comfortable and provide you any assistance or service if required.Whether it is currency exchange or mobile phone, we will help you in arranging for all such necessary things.

8. Post Discharge Thumb

Once discharged from the hospital after the treatment you would be taken to the hotel or guest house and would be given many options to choose from which fits your budget and requirement. You will stay for your post-operative period until you return back to your home country. If necessary you will continue any physiotherapy and rehabilitation during this period. After your medical treatment we will also help you in getting best deals for tourism, sight seeing, hotels, guest house etc during stay in India for recuperation.


9. Departure from India

You will be accompanied to the airport by a representative from the hospital or Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd.. Again, where required, wheelchair assistance will be arranged for your journey home. At the time of departure, we make sure that you have all the relevant documents, medical reports and hospitals bills.

10. Aftercare Thumb

If at any stage upon returning to your home country, you have any questions or queries relating to the actual surgery then you can contact your surgeon at any time by phone or email or you may contact Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd. and we will arrange for the surgeon or for one of the hospital staff to contact you by telephone at a time suitable to yourself.Once you are back home then one of Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd. staff will contact you to ensure that you were satisfied with the service provided.We will also post to you a Patient Feedback Questionnaire which we would kindly ask you to fill in and return to us. This helps us to ensure total patient satisfaction by ensuring that we are meeting
our patient's requirements in all aspects of our service.

We will be available for you round the clock to answer your queries, guide you and help you throughout the process. You can write to us at info@mentorsethicare.com or call us anytime at 0091 9611 231 188 for any assistance.


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