High Quality and Affordable Shoulder Resurfacing surgery at top orthopedic centers in India

A shoulder resurfacing surgery is done to get rid of the problems occurring because of arthritis. These problems can be stiffness and pain in the shoulder because of which an individual may face challenges in performing the routine day to day activities like eating, writing etc. This surgery mainly cures patients suffering from rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis.

Also during the surgery the condition of the rotator cuff muscle is analyzed and if a problem exists in it than the output of a shoulder resurfacing surgery will not be that much as the patient may not be able to lift his/her arm above the head.

The major benefits of this surgery are :

  • It is a simple and straight forward procedure with minimal complications.

  • It helps in relieving the pain causes even from severe arthritis.

  • With the help of this surgery the patient can easily carryout over head activities if his/her rotator cuff muscles are healthy.


This surgery is done on an in-patient basis under general anesthesia. After anesthesia is administered an incision of about 6 inches is made to open the shoulder joint. After that the tendons and muscles are relaxed and retracted respectively to get access to the joint. The arthritic bone surface is than removed with the help of special devices and than a metal resurfacing implant is fitted to the head of the humerus bone. The implant has a lining of a substance that contains calcium similar to that present in human bone, and because of this the bone re-grows around the implant. In the last step of the surgery the tendons and muscles are put back in their original position and the incision is closed with the help of dissolvable stitches.

After bandaging the shoulder is supported in a forearm sling for about two weeks. And continuous physiotherapy is to be done to recover strength and mobility of the shoulder.

Risk and Complications

Though this is a very simple and safe surgery still the occurrence of the following occasional complications cannot be waived off. The complications are as follows :

  • Infection

  • Damage to blood vessels and nerves or

  • Fracture of Humerus bone during the surgery

How to get started?

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