Shoulder Arthroscopy procedure at top orthopedic hospitals in India

A shoulder arthroscopy is a surgery of the shoulders which is done with the help of a special instrument known as an arthroscope. An arthroscope consists of tiny cameras in very narrow pipes and these are used to have a clear picture of the problematic area. A shoulder arthroscopy surgery can help in examination and repair of the tissues located inside and around the shoulder joint.

A shoulder surgery done with the help of an arthroscope is much safer and speeder as compared to the open surgeries in which the joint is totally exposed. It is also beneficial in a way that it causes short hospital stay, less stiffness, minimal pain, lesser complications and speedy recovery.

This procedure helps in treating the following problems :

  • Damaged or torn ligaments or cartilage rings (known as labrum)

  • Instability of the shoulder

  • Damaged or torn tendons of the biceps

  • Torn or inflamed rotator cuff

  • Damaged joint lining

  • Arthritis of the ends of Collar bone (clavicle)

  • Shoulder impingement syndrome and

  • Removal of loose tissues.


The time involved in the surgery depends upon the type of correction to be done. And this surgery is done on an In-patient basis, under general anesthesia. The first step of the surgery is making of incisions at the appropriate place through which the arthroscope is inserted to examine the shoulder. The arthroscope is connected to video monitors from the other end. And with the help of these monitors the surgeons inspects the shoulder joint and the region above the joint consisting of bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. The next step involves the mending of the damaged tissue. And for this 1-3 more small incisions may be required through which the other instruments are inserted to carry out the intervention to sort any of the above mentioned problems.

Once the said problem is cured the incisions are closed with stitches and covered with proper dressing. The patient has to wear a sling for one week or for a couple of weeks depending upon the extent of repair done. The total recuperation period is of about 6 months. And throughout this period proper physiotherapy should be continued to regain strength and motion of the shoulder.

Risk and Complications

The common risks associated with this surgery like any other surgery are :

  • Infection

  • Blood Clotting or

  • Reaction to Anesthesia

  • Bleeding

  • Nerve and Blood Vessel Damage

  • Injury to Nerve and Blood Vessels

And certain specific risks associated with only a Shoulder Arthroscopy surgery are as follows, but there occurrence is very minimal

  • Stiffness in shoulder

  • Weakness in shoulder or

  • Failure of the surgery in relieving from the symptoms

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