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We help patients traveling to India for Medical Treatment. We guide them, give information and provide ground assistance. In simple, we help them at every step. What else our services are free of cost! Patients have to pay directly to service providers like airlines, hospital, hotel etc. From our experience, we can guide them to choose the best out of the many options available so that they not only save money but also get best value for the money they spend.


Why patients travel for Medical Treatment?

Some of the most common problems faced by patients in their home country which makes them travel abroad for medical treatment.

High Cost of Healthcare
Lack of advanced technology and facilities
Long waiting time
Lack of skilled and experienced medical staff

Why a large number of patients choose India?

The cost at which they get medical care of international standards in India is truly unbelievable

  • Huge Cost Savings

  • No waiting time

  • World-class Hospitals

  • Advanced Technology

  • Skilled and Experienced Doctors

  • Trained and experienced Nurses

  • Easy Flight Connectivity

  • English Language widely spoken

  • Excellent personal care

  • Tourism Destination


What are the common concerns of such patients visiting India?

Which is the
right Hospital?

What Documents
are needed?

Who is the
right Doctor?

What about

What about

How should I

How to get

What about
Hospital Stay?

What about
VISA and

What are

What about
Hotel Stay?

What is the
Cost of Treatment?

What about Language,
Internet, Phone?

Where will my
attendant Stay?

Will I get
Bills and

We have mentioned just a few. There are many more concerns.

How we can help patients who want to travel to India for Medical Treatment?

We help people around the world to avail quality and affordable healthcare services in India without any waiting time.The escalating health care costs, lack of advanced facilities and long waiting time for medical treatments have been making it more and more difficult for people to find quality medical treatment at affordable prices. And here Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd. steps in to find hospitals and doctors in India which provides quality health care services at affordable cost to the patients without any waiting time whatsoever. Yes, a lot of focus is given on patient and attendant care as well. Be it a cosmetic surgery or a life-saving treatment, we offer almost every medical treatment at our network hospitals across India.

Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to provide people from different countries with correct and complete information and step by step guidance about the healthcare services available in India. We have spent a significant time researching the healthcare facilities in the world's most popular health travel destinations. It has enabled us to discover that India provides one of the most affordable and reliable healthcare.

We extend a helping hand to patients looking for medical treatment in India. Rich experience enables us to manage the needs of our innumerable guests from around the globe. We manage everything, ranging from bookings for hospital appointment to specialized treatments, as well as assistance in traveling and hotel accommodation. We are well aware of the fact that foreign nationals looking toward Indian hospitals for medical care have many concerns and anxieties. Thus, we leave no stone unturned to help our guests receive the best advice and support regarding healthcare services.

Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in its fully dedicated operational staff that efficiently handles the guests on this part of the globe. Our patient care associates take guests as their own family members and always endeavor to solve their concerns at the earliest. We value mutual respect and deliver what we promise as we are passionate about creating better value for our guests.

In simple, We serve the patients in the following ways

  • Get Free Medical Opinion

  • Scheduling of the treatment

  • Medical treatment at best hospitals in India

  • Choose right Hospital in India

  • Appointment bookings

  • Proper guidance at every step of medical travel

  • Travel and Accommodation options

  • Complete ground assistance in India

  • Remote consultations with Doctors

  • Cost Estimates with details and options

  • Choose right Doctor in India

  • Airport Transfer Service

  • Detailed information about options

  • Personalized care

  • Arrange Local transportation in India

  • Keep patient's family up-to-date

Our Promise

We help patients at every step giving them the correct information and guidance. We would be available round the clock to our patients, right from the first contact. From start to finish, we will always be fully committed to our patients and their improved health. We would serve our patients with honesty and dedication. We work very hard and try our best to ensure Right Doctor, Right Hospital, Right Cost, Right Treatment and Right information for our patients.

We would love to hear from you! For more information you can always write to us at or call us anytime at 0091 9611 231 188.


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