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Revision Hip Replacement


Revision Hip Replacement Surgery of World - Class quality at most affordable cost in India

A revised hip replacement surgery is done to amend or modify an already performed hip replacement surgery. This surgical intervention may include a replacement of a small prosthetic implant or a total hip replacement may have to be done.

This surgery should be opted in when there is pain, infection in the joints that causes hindrance in movement, all this may occur because of any of the following causes :

  • Loosening of joints.

  • Dislocation or breakage of implants.

  • Breakage of a bone near the implant.

A thorough planning is required before undergoing this surgery as it is a pretty complex procedure and if highly depends upon the factors like bone quality, capacity to sufficiently place the revision hip replacement into the required position, as also the age of the patient and his tolerance to stand long injuries are also the factors that are considered before this surgery.

Although this surgery cannot be advised to patients who have non-functional primary joint due to an infection or if their bone is so destroyed that it cannot support an artificial joint. It is also not advised to people who are extremely obese and who are suffering from paralysis of quadriceps muscles.


This surgery is done under general anesthesia and the time taken in the surgery will depend on the kind of correction required, but on an average it is three hours or more.

With respect to the degree of correction to be done incisions are made and the process of removal of affected bone or implant is carried out. At times a mini-incision would do if it is a straight forward revision case, and sometimes an incision up to 10 cm may be required as in a hip replacement surgery. While removing the prosthesis there are high chances of bone loss, hence the surgeons put a bone graft to reinforce the bone. The bone graft is generally made from the bone of one's own pelvis, this graft is known as an autograft. And at times the graft may be made from a bone taken from a bone bank, this is known as an allograft.

In cases of cemented hip replacement surgery, if there is a problem in the bone cement it is also removed from the socket and the femoral canal. But because of the complexities involved in this surgery a fracture of the femur may occur or even it may have to be deliberately fractured to facilitate proper removal of the damaged cement. Thereafter a new prosthesis is implanted after the bone and other materials have been applied to restore the socket and femur.

The recuperation takes pretty long in this surgery. Also physiotherapy is started in a couple of days from the day of surgery and is to be continued till about a year for proper mobility and less pain in hips while walking. Also the legs are to be kept in elevated position while lying down and a walker had to be used to assist while walking. It would take about six months to be able to walk without limping and to reduce the pain in the hip.

Risks and Complications

Like in other surgeries the risks associated with this procedure are as follows:

  • Reaction to anesthesia like cardiac or
    respiratory malfunctions

  • Injury to blood vessels and nerves

  • Stiffness and

  • Infection

  • Fracture

  • Instability of the joint

But the chances of occurrence of these complications are very less and the benefits of the surgery are more like improvement in mobility, relief from pain, proper coordination and strength in the upper body and legs.

How to get started?

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