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Repair of Tendons: Flexor and


High quality and Affordable Tendon Repair Procedure at world-class Orthopedic Hospitals in India

Tendons are the tissues that connect the body muscles with bones. Sometimes due to some cuts or some accidents the tendon gets damaged and splits, In order to repair such tendons surgical intervention is required.

The tendons of hand are classified as two types, one is known as the extensor and another is called flexor. The extensor tendons are the tendons which allow the straightening movement of fingers and thumb and they exist from muscles in the forearm across the back of the hand to each of the fingers and thumbs. And it is because of the flexor tendon that the bending movement of the finger is possible, these tendons also run from the forearm till the fingers.

The causes of tendon damage are sports injuries, animal bites, accidental cuts, crushing injuries and rheumatoid arthritis. Swelling, inflammation and pain are the major symptoms which show a tendon injury which needs repair.

The repair of tendon through a surgery is not an emergency procedure but it would be best undertaken if it is done right after the injury has taken place, as it will prevent scarring of tendons due to delayed tear condition. The exact scenario can be diagnosed with the help of a X-ray.


Extensor Tendon Repair : This operation is done under local anesthesia and takes about half an hour. In case the tendon tear is because of a wound, the wound is first cleaned. Then an incision is made in the hand and the tendon which is damaged is stitched together. The wound is than closed and the hand is rested in a splint for protection and support. This procedure takes 30 minutes time.

Flexor Tendon Repair : This surgery is also done under local anesthesia and it takes about 40-60 minutes for the complete procedure. In order to restrict the blood circulation, a type of cuff is tied to the upper arm. Thereafter an incision is made in the hand in order to reach to the damaged portion of tendons. To bring the two ends of the damaged tendon together a forceps is used and than they are stitched together. To protect the hand a splint is used after the wound is closed.

Numbness exists for few hours after the surgery and the patient is given pain killers and antibiotics to relieve pain. Physiotherapy is very important for quick recovery and to bring about strength and smooth motion in the hand.

Risk and Complications

A risk of post operative infection manifested by redness and swelling in hand is always possible. Other complications include swelling in hand and tendon snap (which usually occurs when the tendons are weak i.e. after operation and are usually corrected by another surgery). The most complex problem called as tendon adhesion can also occur wherein the tendons stuck to the nearby tissues and thus loose full movement. The benefits of this surgery are immense and the complication rate in tendon repair is known from 1-5% which is quite normal.

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