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The shoulder joint is the place where the arms and the shoulder conjoin in a ball and socket form. This joint is covered and supported with a group of muscles and tendons and this cuff sort of formation is known as a rotator cuff. Due to some trauma or overuse of the shoulders these tendons can get torn and damaged, and to fix this ailment a rotator cuff repair surgery is done. This surgery can be performed with the help of any of the two procedures viz. shoulder arthroscopy surgery or through an open surgery.

This rotator cuff surgery helps in relieving from the weakness, pain, bone spur and inflammation of the shoulder.


A rotator cuff repair surgery is done under general anesthesia and it requires a hospital stay of about 4-5 days. The time taken in the surgery depends mainly on the kind of repair work to be done. In the first step the surgeon accesses the whole condition of the shoulder muscles and tendons with the help of a shoulder arthroscopy surgery. In this surgery an arthroscope which consists of a camera is inserted through small button sized incisions, and the arthroscope is connected to a TV monitor on the other end. Through this the surgeon is able to visualize and analyze the whole scenario and the associated problems. After this as per the requirement and with the help of special instruments the inflamed or the damaged tissues may be detached or the bone spur (known as subacromial spur) may be removed. But in cases where a tear is to be repaired, then an open surgery will have to be deployed. In an open surgery a pretty larger incision is made and then the torn tendon is attached to its original position. These tendons are sutured to their positions with the help of small rivets (also known as suture anchors). These suture anchors are made up of such a material that they get dissolved in the body over some time. Thereafter the incisions are stitched and proper dressing is done.

For about 5-6 weeks the hand should be kept elevated with the help of a sling. Proper physiotherapy and rehabilitation is required to be done after the surgery which will help is recuperating early and also help in regaining the strength and motion of the shoulder.

Risk and Complications

The risks associated with this surgery are the ones that are coupled with any other surgery like :

  • Infection,

  • Bleeding,

  • Blood clotting,

  • Nerve and Blood vessel damage

Also there are some specific sorts of risks related to a rotator cuff repair surgery and they are as follows :

  • Stiffness in shoulders,

  • Reoccurrence of the symptoms like pain, weakness etc,

  • Failure of surgery

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