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The shoulder joint is made up in the ball and socket set-up in which the ball shaped head of the humerus bone fixes in to the socket of the shoulder. And this formation helps in the smooth movement of the hand in all directions. This arrangement of bones is held in place with the help of two types of cartilages namely Articular and Labrum cartilage. An articular cartilage helps the bone to move and glide over each other. And the labrum cartilage which is joined to other tissues around the joint is placed deep in the socket and it securely holds the ball in place.

A labral surgery is done to repair a torn or too small sized labrum cartilage. Because of a damaged labrum cartilage the ball may glide slightly or completely out of the socket and these conditions are known as Subluxation or Dislocation respectively. The damage to the labrum can occur in three ways:

  • Because of an injury which results in complete torn off of the labrum cartilage

  • Because of ageing, there may be wear and tear of the edges of the labrum

  • Because of a damage to the biceps tendon which attaches to the upper end of the socket and the labrum cartilage. This type of injury is known as a SLAP lesion (i.e. Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior Lesion)

Before undergoing this surgery a complete diagnosis is carried out this reveals the actual condition of this cartilage. And a labral tear can be diagnosed with he help of a Magnetic resonance Imaging or a CT-Arthrogram. As also a Shoulder Arthroscopy is the best way to diagnose a labral tear.


A labral tear correction surgery is done under general anesthesia on an inpatient basis. It can be done both arthroscopically and through an open surgery. But the kind of intervention to be done will depend on the reason and extent of the labrum cartilage tear.

  • In case of a tear occurring because of the instability of the shoulder, then the labrum will have to be attached to the rim of the socket. And this can easily be done with the help of an open surgery by making an incision in the front of the shoulder and than fixing the labrum to the rim. This can also be achieved arthroscopically where very small incisions will have to be made thus resulting in quick healing of the incision wound.

  • In case where the labral tear is relatively large than in such cases the torn part of the cartilage is completely cut out with the help of an open surgery and then it is repaired and is put back in its original position.

  • In case of Slap Lesions, the cartilage is simply trimmed a bit and is re-attached to the rim of the socket. This repair is best achieved with the help of an arthroscopic surgery because if an open surgery will be used a very large amount of incision will have to be made to reach to this interior level.

Once the intervention has been done the incisions are stitched with the help of dissolvable sutures. And than proper bandaging is done and the forearm is rested in a sling so no pressure is exerted on the shoulders. The recuperation period is about 4-6 weeks. And it takes a total of about 10-12 weeks for the cartilage to become as strong as before the surgery. But a proper physiotherapy schedule should be followed post the surgery to achieve this strength and mobility. It has been observed that some sportsperson who undergo this surgery can get back to their earlier level of sports in a short span of time.

Risk and Complications

The risks coupled with this surgery are as follows :

  • Infection at the incision site

  • Bleeding or blood clotting

  • Nerves and blood vessels damage and

  • Detachment or dislocation of the reattached labrum cartilage

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