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Ganglion Cysts


Affordable Treatment for Ganglion Cysts at world-class Orthopedic Hospitals in India

Ganglion cysts are small bags like structure filled with fluids and they appear like swelling. These generally turn out around the wrist. The leakage of lubricating fluid from these joints or tendons causes the formation of such cysts and they appear to stick out from the lining of a joint or tendon. This outer surface of the cyst is smooth and they occur in various sizes but are round. Patients may feel uneasiness when the cyst puts pressure on a nerve. The biological forces that cause fluid leakage in tendons thus makes cyst formation are still under research. But it has been found that women are more prone to developing cyst than men. A finger due to lot of stress on the joint or tendon helps creation of cyst. Some injuries can also become the cause ganglion cyst. Also, if the joints and tendon of a finger are put under lot of pressure than the finger is also likely to develop ganglion cysts.


The ganglion cysts are not malignant, they are benign in nature. Sometimes over the period the cysts may disappear naturally without any problems. If it causes discomfort or pain than the non surgical treatment of the cyst is looked into, in which the cyst fluid is drained out by a procedure called aspiration. A local anesthesia may be used if required. In this process a puncture is made with the help of a needle and the fluid drained out. By this treatment swelling gets reduced and pressure on the nerve is also released thereby dissolving the discomfort. This treatment is not permanent, hence the cysts may reappear also.

If even after aspiration discomfort exists than in that case surgery is needed to remove the cyst. In this procedure an incision is made over the skin covering the area of ganglion to locate the cyst. Cyst is than removed from the joint lining where it had developed. After the surgery incision is closed by stitches and wound is bandaged. The surgery is done on an out patient basis under local anesthesia. Only in exceptional cases a general anesthesia will have to be used. If required the arm is put in a sling or a splint is used for providing support. The complete recuperation occurs in 2-6 weeks.

Risk and Complications

Ganglion cyst removal is one of the most minor and simple surgery involving negligible amount of risk. But as no surgery comes without risks, this surgery also causes temporary problems like soreness, numbness and stiffness at the incision site. But these problems last for only a couple of days.

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