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Fracture Reduction(OpenMethod)


Affordable Fracture Reduction procedure at India's Top Orthopedic Hospitals

An open fracture reduction is performed to realign the broken bone to its original position. This is done by making an incision over the damaged portion so as to reach the affected bone. This procedure is specially used in the critical conditions where the bone is in many pieces and is not easy to reduce the same. Screws and plated may also be used in the surgery for properly holding the bone on its place.

This surgery has the following three benefits :

  • Speedy healing of the bone so that the patient can start using the hand very soon

  • Decreases pain and

  • Prevents from any sort of deformity


The patient has to undergo certain diagnostic tests like Blood test and X-rays to check the preparedness of the patient for the surgery. The X-rays helps in getting the clear picture of the broken bones. Also till the time of surgery the patient needs to wear a splint or plaster to prevent the bone from further damage.

This surgery is done on an inpatient basis but the stay is not more than 2-3 days and this surgery is done mainly under local anesthesia if the condition is not very severe, or else general anesthesia is administered.

To begin with an open reduction internal fixation surgery a incision is made in the skin to expose the bone fragments. The bone fragments are than aligned to their original positions, and if required a screw, plate, rod or a combination of all the three is used to keep the bone intact to its original position. The stitches are than closed and the area is covered with a plaster or a splint.

At times when the wound is very complicated than external fixation devices are also used to maintain the position. This external fixator is made up of pins and rods which are inserted in the skin to support the bone, and they are attached to a long bar outside. This external device helps in quick fixation and thus aids in early motion of the joint. The external fixator is removed once the bones have firmly taken their places whereas the internal hardware is fixed permanently. In cases where the internal hardware is to me removed after sometime it is done with the help of a surgery.

Some amount of pain exists after the surgery for which pain killers are administered. Also after the surgery X-ray is taken to make sure that the bones have been aligned properly. The injured arm is rested in a splint and is placed above the level of the heart.

The recuperation period depends upon the type of reduction, amount of injury etc. If the injury involves smaller bones than they gets healed in 3-6 weeks but longer bones take much more time. Physiotherapy is very important after the surgery to get back to the routine life early.

Risk and Complications

Complications related to this surgery are :

  • Nerve damage

  • Bleeding

  • Need for additional surgery if the curing of the bone
    is not proper

  • Infection

  • Blood clotting in veins

Though the above mentioned risks occur rarely but the following factors can lead to these risks :

  • Higher age

  • Diabetes

  • Smoking

  • Pre-existing medical condition

  • Use of steroids and

  • An open fracture where the broken bone is coming out of the skin

How to get started?

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  • 1.    X-ray or MRI scan images of the affected area

  • 2.    Brief medical history of the patient

  • 3.    Age, name and sex of the patient

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