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Eye Treatment


Eye Treatment in India

ThumbOur eyes are one of the sophisticated organs in our body. Our eyes function like camera. The light rays entering our eyes through the Cornea, pass through pupil and then through the lens, finally reaching the retina at the back of the eye. The retina converts the image into impulses that travel through the optic nerve to the brain. Our brain converts them to visual images. Hence for a very clear vision, we need a clear cornea and lens and a healthy retina and optic nerve. There are some eye diseases that may affect our vision.

Some of the very common Eye Problems

  • Allergy and the eye

  • Cataract

  • Glaucoma

  • Low Vision

  • Orbital Diseases

  • Retinal Diseases

  • Amblyopia

  • Corneal Diseases


  • Neuro Ophthalmology Diseases

  • Refractive Errors

  • Squint

When you should see a Doctor?

A primary care or a family doctor can diagnose some common eye conditions, such as conjunctivitis. For any potentially serious cause of eye pain, your family doctor will refer you to an ophthalmologist. An Ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who is specialized in eye and vision care. Ophthalmologists use a variety of tools to diagnose eye pain. If you suffer with the following common conditions associated with eye problem then you need to see your doctor.

  • Pain, persistent irritation and itching

  • Sensation of a foreign body

  • Excess or very less tearing

  • Currently taking steroids orally for any other condition

  • Diabetes

  • Above 40 years of age

  • Change in vision in one or both eyes, such as decreased vision, blurring, double vision, blind spots, flashing lights or floaters

  • Discharge , which can be clear, or thick and colored

  • Red eye or Pink eye or conjunctivitis

  • Very sensitive to light

  • Eyelid or the eyelid is incorrectly positioned

  • Frequent headaches

  • Family history of Glaucoma

Eye Treatment at Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd. affiliated Eye Hospitals in India

ThumbMentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd. has formed a network of some of the finest eye hospitals in India to provide high quality and affordable eye treatment for international patients travelling to India for eye treatment. Our network eye hospitals in India have separate divisions for each speciality, world-class service systems and trained medical team, state-of-the-art operation theatres for performing various eye surgeries, post-surgery lounge with recliners/beds, advanced diagnostic facilities, latest eye care equipments and complete range of optical frames & lenses.

Some of the very common Super-Speciality Eye Services offered by our network Eye Hospitals in India


Cataract Surgery

Cataract is a very common eye problem. A cataract is cloudiness of the normal lens. A normal lens is clear and focuses light and enables us to see clearly. The vision becomes blurred because the cataract interferes with your sight. Cataract is treated by surgically removing the normal lens and replacing it with an artificial lens called an intraocular lens implant. At our network eye hospitals in India, most modern techniques are used to remove cataract. The surgery involves making a tiny opening into the eye and taking the cataract out using ultrasonic power. An artificial foldable lens implant is then inserted into the eye in its place.

Treatment for External Eye Diseases

Our network eye hospitals in India have excellent diagnosis and treatment facilities to treat almost all external eye problems involving the conjunctiva, cornea, anterior chamber of the eye, iris and the lens. Even the allergies, infections, dry eyes, tear disorders etc. are treated at these hospitals.


Glaucoma is a condition that is characterized by increased pressure in the eye and impaired eyesight, ranging from slight vision loss to total blindness. Visual filed analysis using state-of-the-art perimetry and the latest treatment options are available at our network eye hospitals in India.


LASIK is an abbreviation for Laser Assisted in-Situ Keratomileusis. It is one of the latest technology in the field of eye treatment which combines delicate surgical procedures and laser treatment which reshape the cornea in accordance to carefully calculated measurements. Cornea is one of the very important parts of the eye that focuses light on the retina. LASIK may be used to correct near sightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Even the most advanced and the latest bladeless LASIK is now available at our network eye hospitals in India.

Child Eye Care

Specialized treatment of squints or cross eyes in children and adults, amblyopia or lazy eye, congenital cataracts, blocked tear ducts and paediatric neuro ophthalmologic disorders. Treatment of squint usually involves glasses, eye muscle exercises and/or surgery. Special care is given to provide a friendly atmosphere for children during examination and treatment.

Vitreo-Retinal Diseases

Diagnostic, medical and surgical treatment for vitreous and retinal diseases , including retinal holes , retinal detachment, vitreous hemorrhage, diabetic retinopathy and age related muscular degeneration.

Plastic Surgery for Eyes

Plastic surgery for eyes involves treatment for disorders of the orbit, lids and surrounding structures. Some of the common problems treated surgically include droopy brows, droopy lids, redundant upper and lower eyelid skins and congenital disfigurements. Medical and surgical treatment of orbital conditions, including tumours, inflammations, infections and thyroid eye disease are available at our network eye hospitals in India.

Contact Lenses and Spectacles

Well qualified and trained optometrists assess and prescribe spectacle lenses and contact lenses to compensate for all refractive errors. Latest and advanced Contact Lenses and Spectacles are available at our network eye hospitals in India.

How to get started?

Now you can get connected to top eye specialists in India and get a free no obligation expert opinion and quote. All you need to do is send the following details to us at

  • Scan images if any

  • Brief medical history and current condition of the patient

  • Age, name and sex of the patient

  • All the medical reports of the patient

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