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Elbow Osteotomy


High Quality and Affordable Elbow Osteotomy Surgery in India

The elbow of a human being has a carrying angle but most of us do not know much about it until its functioning is disrupted. The deformities that affect the carrying angle are difficult to cure completely without a specific surgery called Osteotomy.

The deformities to the elbow can be caused due to a post traumatic elbow fracture. This fracture may lead to changes in the carrying angle as it affects the lower region of the upper arm bone called humerus. Such fractures are termed as Supracondylar Fracture and the deformity casued by the same is known as Cubitus Varsus, which creates an aberrant outward curved angle in the elbow.


Osteotomy is a surgical process which includes cutting of bones. After general anesthesia is administered to the patient, the surgeon removes a block of bone (that is wedge-shaped) from one side and leaves behind the two edges of bone which collapse in due course, thereby correcting the varsus deformity.

Another kind of Osteotomy that is generally done is a Rotational dome osteotomy. This procedure is applied to correct the internal rotation of the elbow by way of putting a little cut on the shaft of the humerus right above the condyles, thereby enabling the rotation of upper portion of the humerus which helps in creating a natural looking carrying angle. And it also helps in excess elbow reduction and also aids in realignment of the internal rotation malunion.

Risks and Complications

The complications associated with this surgery are as follows:

  • Infection

  • Re-fracture

  • Nerve palsies

  • Elbow instability

How to get started?

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