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Elbow Debridement


High Quality and Affordable Elbow Debridement procedure in India

Elbow Debridement is a procedure used to treat the conditions caused by arthritis viz. significant loss of movement and pain in elbow. The result of arthritis is visible like increase of pain and stiffness, making elbow straight or bending it is also difficult. Gradually over the time the symptoms increases, thereby resulting in functional disability.

Arthritis in simple words means wear and tear of the joint of elbow. These are generally of two types i.e. Osteoarthritis (Degeneration) and Inflammatory arthritis (Rheumatoid Arthritis).

  • Osteoarthritis takes longer period to develop and it mainly causes thinning and roughening of the cartilage of the joints, which result in small bits of cartilage floating around in the joint which are known as loose bodies. The bone anatomy of the joint is also affected due to this. Osteoarthritis is considered in primary stage, if caused due to ageing and secondary when caused due to any trauma.

  • Inflammatory Arthritis is a condition where the patient's own immune system fails and in turn attacks many joints of the body.

This procedure also helps in evaluation of cartilages that are damaged due to osteochondritis dissecans (OCD).


In an Elbow Debridement procedure an incision of 10 cm is made on the back of elbow. During the process all loose bodies, which are floating due to thinning of cartilage and bony spurs which restricts the movement of the joint are removed. Fenestration is made in the end of the arm bone i.e. the distal humerus in order to remove the loose bodies from the front of the elbow. Later a splint is put in the elbow in extended positions during nights for 2-3 weeks. After surgery physiotherapy and rehabilitation are required for speedy recovery. This surgery can also be performed arthroscopically.

Risks and Complications

Post surgery surgeon suggests that proper care of wound should be taken for fast healing and also to overcome the complications of infection, which is a risk that is present with all kinds of surgery. Even though medications are given to lower the amount of pain but still some pain may persist which wears off in 8-12 hours.

How to get started?

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