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Elbow Arthroscopy


High Quality and Affordable Elbow Arthroscopy procedure in India

The elbow of human being is basically a hinged joint which has two forearm bones i.e. Ulna and Radius which meets with upper arm bone called Humerus. The inner aspect of the elbow is stabilized with a medial collateral ligament. Due to the complications of anatomy, the arthroscopic surgery of the elbow is a bit challenging. But even with this an arthroscopic surgery is ideal for treating certain elbow problems.

Arthroscopic surgery is done by inserting a small camera inside the joint. In this surgery small incisions are made through which instruments are inserted for repair/removal of damaged structures. This is also called "Scoping the elbow" and it helps in treating numerous types of elbow pains.

Arthroscopic Elbow surgery is generally carried to treat the deformities of elbow pain smoothly, though it is not full remedy of all types of pains. Some of the problems which can be treated with this surgery are as follows:-

  • Removal of bone spurs that are formed around the joint due to elbow arthritis causing disruption of motions of joint.

  • "Thrower's Elbow" which occurs in players of baseball, rugby etc

  • "Tennis elbow" which causes tearing of tendons

  • Removal of loose debris or cartilage caused due to arthritis or some injury. These loose fragments get accumulated near the elbow joints thereby causing pain and restricting the motion of the joints.

This procedure also helps in evaluation of cartilages that are damaged due to osteochondritis dissecans (OCD).


The elbow arthroscopy surgery is done under general as also through regional anesthesia. Through portals surgeon get access to the elbow joints which are placed in specific locations thereby minimizing the potential of injury to surrounding nerves, blood vessels and tendons during the surgery. A small camera is placed in the joint with the help of these portals and with the help of small instruments the redressal of the problems is done. The time taken for the surgery depends upon the intervention that is to be done on the patient. On completion the elbow is put in a soft bandage or splint. Afterwards patients are advised to undertake physiotherapy which helps in regaining motion and strengths the joints. The total recuperation period depends upon the type of surgery performed, though the patient can resume their regular activities after 3-6 weeks if they have undergone loose body removal, or after 8-12 weeks if they have taken treatment for elbow spur removal.

Risks and Complications

In this arthroscopic elbow surgery often injury to nerves surrounding the elbow joint may take place. A chance of infection and damage to joint cartilage is also there due to use of arthroscopic instruments.

The best part of this surgery is that surgeon can look at the joint for determining the source of pain, as also it helps in removal of the damaged tendon without its detachment from the bone.

How to get started?

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