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Elbow Arthrolysis


High Quality and Affordable Elbow Arthrolysis Surgery in India

An Elbow Arthrolysis which is also known as release of contracture, is a procedure done on the patients who have stiffness in their elbow joints. Elbow Arthrolysis surgery can be done in two ways viz, with the help of an open surgery or with the help of an arthroscope. The method of surgery is opted depending on the reason of stiffness in the elbow. If this surgery is to be performed because of some trauma than only an open surgery can be performed because an arthroscope cannot be introduced in the joint. In an arthroscopic surgery the arthroscope is inserted by making four 5 mm incisions in the elbow in which two are on the back portion and two are on the either side of the elbow and in an open surgery an incision of about 210 cm is done on either side of the elbow.


Elbow Arthrolysis surgery can be done under both general as well as local anesthesia. In case of local anesthesia the medicine is injected into the armpits in order to numb the nerves of the patient.

In arthroscopic method the first step is the thorough inspection of the elbow joint initially from the front and later from the back side. This inspection is carried out by moving the scar tissues present near the joint. Also to increase the flexibility the capsule i.e. the lining of the joint is also released at times. The second step than involves treating the deformity of the bone first from the front side and than from the back side. In an open surgery also the similar steps are followed but the only difference is that in this an elaborate inspection of the joint cannot be carried out.

Once the deformity is treated the incisions are closed with the help of butterfly paper stitches and than elastoplast dressing is put around these stitches with the help of adhesive bandages. The arm is than made to rest in a sling and slight numbness may be felt for a few hours. If the elbow is very stiff than plaster is used after the surgery to stretch the muscles out.

Risks and Complications

Even though Elbow Arthrolysis surgery is not very complicated still like all other surgeries this surgery also carries the risk of infection, continued stiffness and even nerve damage. So before undergoing the surgery a detailed discussion should be carried out with the surgeon.

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