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Dental Treatment


Dental Treatment in India

ThumbMentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd. has formed a wide network of some of the best Dental Centers and Dental Surgeons in India. Over the years a lot of advancements have taken place in the field of dental technology. These technologies now can offer you modern solutions to many of the dental problems. These dental technologies have helped dental surgeons to provide dental treatment in a more efficient, effective, comfortable manner. New technologies are developed with a focus on creating products and developing techniques that can be used by your dentist to help prevent, diagnose and/or treat dental conditions and diseases early and effectively. There are many dental technologies for your dentist to choose from, with benefits that can provide you with more comfort and ease during treatment.

Some of the facilities an Dental Technology available at our network Dental Centres in India


Dental Chairs

At our network dental centers latest and advanced dental chairs and units are used. These chairs are procured from some of the best dental chairs manufacturing companies in the world. These dental chairs offer the highest levels of comfort and utility to the patient and also the surgeon. These chairs are ergonomically designed and offer great flexibility. The chairs have clearly structured control panel, plus a single foot control for all the relevant treatment functions as required by the dental surgeon. The chairs are designed to ensure maximum protection with built-in disinfection unit and easy-to-clean surfaces. All the cables, components and transformers used in the chairs are electrically and electro-magnetically shielded. This protects patients with even heart pacemaker from electrical disturbances while they are on the chair.

Latest Digital OPG / RVG

The OPG machine is the latest in digital dentistry imaging. These machines help to get x-rays which provides clear and sharp visualization of structures. Moreover the imaging process takes very less time and provides precise and clear images which help in better diagnosis. The latest digital x-ray machines at our network dental centers require much lower radiation and doses not require any harmful chemicals ensuring safety of the patients.


The latest sterilization equipments used at our network dental centers in India help to sterilize any material that could have been in contact with body fluids including blood. The dental centers follow the highest standards in sterilization processes which are followed by some of the leading healthcare centers in the world. Our network dental centers have the best in class sterilization equipment supplied by leading manufacturers in the world to bring you highest standards in dentistry like never before.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Our eating and drinking habits can contribute to stained teeth. Tooth whitening is one of the options available to remove such stains. But tooth whitening should be done in a professional set-up and using latest device in order get satisfactory results. That is why, our network dental centers in India use the advanced Zoom Teeth Whitening system. This system is scientifically advanced teeth whitening procedure applied chair side at our network dental centers. It is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results, and now with the most advanced LED whitening technology, the results are even better. Now you can get tooth whitening in much lesser time with greater convenience. Moreover this type of tooth whitening is long lasting and has lower sensitivity. It is proven to be safe and effective.

Advanced Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root which is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants are an ideal option for people in good general oral health who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, failure of endodontics, an injury, or some other reason. A highly advanced titanium implant is easily placed deep into the bone where the tooth replacement is desired. This titanium device acts like a support for the crown or the artificial tooth. In this way a dental implant system is placed. As the implant material used is highly biocompatible and all dental implants at our network dental centers in India are placed under strict standards of hygiene and sterilization, dental implants prove to be a safe, comfortable and a permanent solution for the replacement of single tooth, multiple teeth or all the teeth (complete mouth restoration).The implant systems used at our network dental centers in India are amongst the best systems used worldwide. These implant systems are imported from leading Swedish and German companies.

Intra Oral Camera with Cavity Detector

Our network dental centers in India have the latest intraoral digital camera. The intraoral digital camera helps the patients to see what the dentist sees. These intraoral digital cameras also allow visualizing more, helping our dentists diagnose fractures and other problems that the naked eye would never have seen. Even the patient can be more aware and understand the exact nature of the problem.

Sterilization of Equipments

At our network dental centers in India, besides the universal precautions of gloves, face mask, protective clothing and eye-wear, the use of disposable instruments is encouraged as far as possible. As far as non-disposable instruments are concerned, the instruments are washed immediately in water or presoaked in water if it is not possible to clean the instruments immediately. This prevents drying of saliva or blood to facilitate actual cleaning. The instruments are then cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. The instruments are then packed in special pouches that have color indicators to confirm the efficacy of sterilization. The packaging also prevents contamination during storage before the next use. Precleaned package instruments are then processed in an autoclave. Autoclaved instruments are stored in a clean, dry environment and delivered to the point of use in a manner that maintains sterility of instruments until they are used.

Some of the common Dental Procedures offered at our Network Dental Treatment Centres in India

  • Bridges

  • Dental Bone Graft

  • Dentures

  • Implants (Titanium)

  • Root Canal

  • Surgical Extractions

  • Teeth Whitening (Laser)

  • Veneers

  • Zirconium Implant

  • Crowns

  • Dental Implants

  • Gum Surgery

  • Inlays (Porcelain)

  • Sinus Elevation

  • Teeth Bleaching

  • Tooth Extraction

  • White Bonded Composite Fillings

  • Zygomatic Impant

How to get started?

Now you can get connected to top dentists and dental surgery specialists in India and get a free no obligation expert opinion and quote for the treatment. All you need to do is send the following details to us at

  • OPG (Orthopantomogram) X-rays of the teeth

  • CT Scan images and the reports (if available)

  • List of chief complaints of the patient

  • Brief medical history (if any)

  • Age, name and sex of the patient

  • Photographs of the affected teeth

For more information on high quality and low cost dental treatment in India, you can write to us at or call us anytime at 0091 9611 231 188.


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