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Orthopaedic Treatment in India

Orthopaedic Surgeries are one of the very common surgeries for which people travel from different countries in the world to India. Among the orthopaedic surgeries, it is the joint replacement surgeries such as Knee Replacement, Hip Replacement, Shoulder Replacement etc., which are very popular among the patients coming to India.

India has got many advanced orthopaedic hospitals and highly skilled orthopaedic surgeons that offer a wide range of Orthopaedic Procedures. But a big challenge for an international patient travelling to India, is to find the right orthopaedic surgeon and the hospital that does great work and is very affordable and does not have any waiting time.

Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading Medical Travel facilitation organization based in India has created a wide network of some of the finest Orthopaedic Hospitals and Top Orthopaedic Surgeons in India. Hence, Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd. can become one point of contact for international patients looking for orthopaedic surgery in India. Almost all orthopaedic surgeries are routinely done at Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd.'s network hospitals in India. Most modern technology and prosthesis are used in performing surgeries.

Why you should have Orthopaedic Treatment at Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd.'s Network Hospitals in India?

The factors which make our network hospitals a truly global destination for Orthopaedic Treatment are many. Some of the very important factors that attract so many patients from all over the world to our network hospitals in India are as follows.


Top Orthopaedic Surgeons

We have Top Class Orthopaedic Surgeons in our network, who have a vast experience of working with some of the best hospitals across the world. Many of them have studied, trained and worked in leading medical institutions across the globe. They have fellowships from reputed international boards. Some of them have a rich experience of performing more than 4000 to 5000 joint replacement surgeries using latest and most modern techniques and technology in the field of orthopaedics.

World-Class HospitalsThumb

Our network hospitals are truly comparable with some of the best hospitals in the world. These hospitals have world-class infrastructure, spacious deluxe private rooms, clean and patient friendly environment. This is more so authenticated by the various certifications held by our network hospitals like, ISO certification and some of them are even accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) , NABH, ACHSI etc. These certifications and accreditations ensure that the care, safety and privacy of each patient are given utmost importance.


The Cost Advantage

The cost of orthopaedic surgery in India is just a fraction of the cost that you might have to pay in countries like US, Canada or UK. This cost advantage comes to you with no compromise in quality of medical care or the implant/prosthesis used. To give you an idea, a knee replacement surgery in US would cost you 30000-53000 US Dollars, while it costs just 5000-7000 US Dollars at our network hospitals in India. Out of all the major medical travel destinations in the world, India offers the lowest cost.

Advanced TechnologyThumb

Modern techniques like minimally Invasive and nerve preserving techniques are used at our network hospitals while performing orthopaedic surgeries, which also help the patient to have faster recovery, less pain, less blood loss and better surgery outcomes. The latest computer navigation technology is used while performing orthopaedic procedures. Performing orthopaedic surgery using the computer navigation, facilitates current placement of artificial joint implant or prosthesis to match the normal human anatomy. A normative anatomical data is already established in the computer.

Based on the intra-operative findings during the surgery, the surgeon can control the outcomes by precisely implementing the 3D plans while collecting and analysing detailed treatment data.This information reduces the risk of complications, surgery time, hospitalization time, and artificial joints wear through suboptimal selection and position of the implant. To ensure successful joint replacement surgeries with better surgery outcomes, reducing the risk of complications, modern technology like computer assisted technology, gender specific implants and High Flex Rotating knee Platform are used at our network hospitals.


Modern Operation Theatres

The hospital boasts of top-of-the-line Operation Theatres at par with international standards. The Operation Theatres have Laminar flow systems fitted with HEPA filters to create an infection-free environment. In addition to these, the Operation Theatres are equipped with state-of-the-art computerized navigation systems and high flexion implants. A lot of focus is given for infection control right from designing the state of the art operation theatres to using the medical equipments in the operation theatres. The Laminar Air Flow System helps keep the air clean of dust and micro-organisms.

The HEPA (High efficiency particulate absolute) filter, which is the filtration of air on control velocity condition, cleans the air as per the specifications of the federal standards. The HEPA filters ensure that the laminar air flow is ultra cleaned over the entire operating area and instantly the theatre is bacteria free. During the surgery, the surgeon and the immediate assistant wear specially designed space suits to assure absolute sterile handling of Bones and Joints.

No waiting PeriodThumb

We promise a zero waiting time at our network hospitals for almost all types of orthopaedic treatment. Before your arrival in India we book all the necessary appointments, your private room and make all the arrangements. Our primary motive is to provide you with a successful solution to your medical problem and make sure that you feel at home while you are in India. You need not worry about waiting for appointments or standing in queue for completing even the hospital formalities. All the admission formalities are done in the private room allotted to you. You will be helped at each step by our patient service associates.


Personalized Service

Our team starts working on creating a wonderful and smooth medical travel experience for you from the time you get in touch with us with your first medical query. Our well-trained and English-speaking executives answer all your queries. An airport pick-up would be arranged for on the day of your arrival in India and we will assist also you in VISA, air tickets, internal transfers, currency exchange, tourism etc.

After Surgery CareThumb

Pain after surgery can be very bothersome at times. The severity of pain post surgery varies from patient to patient. Managing postoperative pain will require close monitoring of the patient on a regular and frequent basis. Also physiotherapy and rehabilitation play a very important role in the quicker recovery. On the first day after surgery, it is common to begin some minor physical therapy while sitting in a chair. Eventually, rehabilitation incorporates stepping, walking and climbing.

Initially, supportive devices such as a walker or crutches are used. Pain is monitored while exercise takes place. Some degree of discomfort is normal. It is often very gratifying for the patient to notice, even early on, substantial relief from the preoperative pain for which the orthopaedic surgery was performed.

At our network orthopaedic hospitals in India, most of the patients can walk soon after your recovery. With just few smaller incisions, orthopaedic surgeries now have very minimal tissue damage and less painful than traditional way of doing surgeries. By reducing the surgery time by 30%-40% it also minimizes risk of infections.

Various Treatment options under one roof

Various orthopaedic surgery options are offered by our network hospitals in India. You will get all the facilities that are related to diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic problems under one single roof at our network orthopaedic hospitals in India. These orthopaedic procedures that would give you true value for money are listed below. Please click on the procedure listed under various headings, that you are looking for ,to read more about that procedure.

Knee Surgery


Hip Surgery


Elbow Surgery


Wrist Surgery


Shoulder Surgery


Hand Surgery


How to get started?

Now you can get connected to top orthopaedic surgeons in India and get a free no obligation expert opinion and quote. All you need to do is send the following details to us at

  • X-ray or MRI scan images of the affected area

  • Brief medical history of the patient

  • Age, name and sex of the patient

Now you can get connected to top orthopedic surgeons in India and get a free no obligation expert opinion and quote. All you need to do is send the following details to us at


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