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Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery with stem at advanced Orthopedic Centers in India

A Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery is one of the most effective methods of treating hip joint problems. This surgery helps the physically active people stay as energetic and lively even after the surgery. In this surgery the implant that is used consists of two parts. First is a socket which is of the shape of a shallow cup and is known as the acetabular component. The second part is a cap which is in the shape of a ball head this is the femoral resurfacing component. The surfaces of these components are made up of highly polished metal and this implant is known as a metal-on-metal bearing couple.

The cup like component replaces the damaged surface of the hip socket (known as acetabulum) whereas the cap covers the ball shapes bone at the top pf the thigh (known as femoral head). This cap has a small stem like structure attached to it which is inserted in the top of the thighbone, thus providing more stability to the implant. The cap is required to move within the cup.

The major benefits of a Birmingham hip resurfacing with stem are as follows :

  • Unlike there ceramic counterparts these metallic implants do not chip or crack.

  • These implants do not cause fracture of the thighbone which is a high probability in a total hip replacement surgery.

  • If required any revision surgery can be easily carried out in the future this surgery leaves the femoral head in place.


This surgery requires an inpatient stay of about 4-6 days. The total time taken for this surgery is about 2-4 hours and it is done under general anesthesia. In the first step of the procedure incisions are made to reach the hip joint, than the bone is prepared with the help of special instruments as also the head of the femur is also prepared to receive the resurfacing component. Than the socket is so shaped that the new resurfacing cup can easily fit in this socket. Once the resurfacing of the bones and the socket has been done than the cup shaped socket is inserted and placed in such a position so that it provides stability to the hip and allow the bone to grow around it. Lastly the resurfacing head component is placed into its position with the help of special bone cement. The incisions are than sutured and proper bandaging is done.

The patient needs to use crutches to support him/her in walking for about six weeks. Also during recuperation period the patient should not bend more than 90 degrees. And after discharge a discipline physiotherapy program is to be conducted for proper healing and enhanced mobility. The initial one year after the surgery is a very vulnerable period so lot of care should be taken during this period. Also a bit of pain can also exist for a few months after the surgery.

Risks and Complications

The complications that can arise post the surgery are:

  • Damage to the nerved and blood vessels

  • Allergic reactions to the metallic implant

  • Infection at incision site or near the implantation

  • Dislocation, loosening, shifting, wear and breakage of hip

  • Damage to bone during implantation or later.

How to get started?

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