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Bilateral Hip Replacement


High Quality and Low Cost Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery at World-class

As is evident from the meaning of the word, in bilateral total hip replacement surgery, both hips are operated and replaced at one stretch. Bilateral hip replacement is done where patients have severe arthritic pain and stiffness.

The bilateral hip replacement which involves both hip joints replaced, can be done either in one stretch or in a step by step process. This procedure provides good results when both the hips are diseased and have lot of pain. The post operative recovery requires longer time as also additional time is required for physical therapy.

This process is advised when arthritis in both the hips progresses with the same rate. But before opting for this surgery the patient must think about the following aspects :

  • This surgery takes double the time taken by a single hip replacement surgery. So the patients who are intolerant towards long surgeries and anesthesia should opt for two hip replacement surgeries instead of a bilateral hip replacement.

  • Patients who are suffering from pulmonary, cardiovascular or other health problems are also advised to undergo separate surgeries for both hips.


The procedure of a Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery is similar to a usual total Hip Replacement Surgery which is described as follows:

About 6-8 inch incisions are made on both sides of the hip muscles to reach the damaged bone tissues which are than removed. Thereafter the new implants are inserted in the prepared pelvic bed, this prosthesis provides a new hip to the patient and allows natural gliding movement of the joint.

The prosthesis implants used in the surgery are either cemented or un-cemented. The cemented implant fixes firmly to the healthy bone tissue with the help of a special glue or cement, hence the name. The un-cemented implant consists of a porous surface which allows the bone to grow in the pores and thus hold the implant at its place. Depending upon the condition of the patient and the extent of damage a combination of both the types of implants is used, this is termed as hybrid replacement.

The post operative physiotherapy and exercises are not advised till two hips are totally recovered. If patient is able to bear weight on hips adequately than physiotherapy and exercises can be taken up, which is an important part of the recovery. A full time support system is required for complete recuperation of the patient. This support system may include therapeutic support of a nurse and family and friends.

Risks and Complications

A bilateral hip replacement surgery is a major procedure which requires more time for surgery as well as recovery. The risks involved with this surgery are infection at the incision site, pain, discomfort, clotting of blood, stiffness in hips and displacement or breakage of prosthesis.

A solid support system is important to recover from any hip replacement surgery. This support group may include hired nursing and therapeutic support or friends and family. Patient needs ample physical and emotional support for several weeks following a bilateral surgery.

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