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ThumbI have reached home safely. God is great. I had never imagined in my entire life that one day I would go to a foreign country and that too for a surgery. It is unbelievable. Before going to India for my heart surgery I did not even know that I had a heart problem. It all started with mild chest pain and difficulty in breathing. A day came when I found it very difficult to even walk a few steps without panting. Then I realised that there is some problem but I did not know that it might be a heart problem since I thought I am fit to get a heart problem and nobody in my family had a heart problem. I went to a local medical doctor and told him about my symptoms. He ordered for an ECG and once I got my reports he told me that there is some problem with my heart. Back home in my country we do not have good facilities or even equipment for diagnosis or treatment. The doctor told me that I had a heart problem but could not make out what actually the problem was. He then referred me to another doctor who was a heart specialist who further ordered for some more tests and finally said that I might need a heart surgery.

At this moment I was in a shock and went completely blank. First of all I never thought that I may need a surgery in my life and second I did not know where to go for surgery. After talking to my friends and relatives I came to know that many people from my country travel to countries like Egypt, South Africa or India for advanced medical treatment since they have very good doctors and hospitals.

It was clear that I had to travel to a foreign country for my surgery and now I had to decide where to which country I should go for my surgery. Meanwhile I also called up one of my friends in US who told me that he has seen heart surgeons from India working with some of the best heart hospitals there. Further he told that some of them have gone back to India and have started working there. I knew getting a heart surgery in US would be impossible for me since it was very expensive. But then I thought that when I can get the same doctors of that quality in India why should not I go to India and get my surgery done at a much lower cost. I started talking to more and more people and even to the patients who had travelled to India for treatment. They told me that they got the best medical care at the lowest price in India. I decided that I have to go to India for my heart surgery but did not know how to start. Just then one of them told me about Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd. and gave me the contact number. I called the people of Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd. and it got started from there.

They gave me tentative quote for my surgery, doctor's opinion and explained med each and every thing step by step. Since we have a time difference, I used to call them at odd times. But my phone calls never went unanswered. It was like round the clock support. They arranged for my visa, airport pick in when I came to India and were with me throughout my stay in India. I had a very successful heart surgery by one of the leading heart surgeons in India and the surgery costed me just 7500 US Dollars. This was the cheapest quote that I had got from any hospital. After my surgery the people of Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd. helped me with finding suitable hotel and even dropped me to the airport on the day of my departure. What an experience it was. I felt like I am at home and the people of Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd. made me to feel that. Thank you very much! I will surely recommend your services to other people are in need. May god bless you all and keep up the good work.

Kwanzie Mangue


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